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Physical Therapy in Blue Ash and Groesbeck for Hamstring Are you an athlete who has suffered a hamstring injury? Choice Physical Therapy of Ohio can provide hamstring assessments of the stage of your ...more
Nothing is more frustrating for a professional athlete than an injury -- especially one that doesn't heal. Knowing when to have surgery right away and when to treat the problem conservatively (without ...more
Athletes of all kinds can develop pain along the back of the thigh from a hamstring injury. But in this report, seven athletes with posterior thigh pain from an unusual hamstring injury tear are featu ...more
Athletes involved in all sorts of activities can suffer a complete tear of the hamstring muscle. The hamstring is the large muscle along the back of the thigh. It goes from the pelvis down to the knee ...more
Here's something running backs, wide receivers, rugby players, and ballet dancers have in common: hamstring strains. In fact, acute hamstring strains may be the second most common injury among this gr ...more
Whether you have a partially or completely new or old tear of the proximal hamstring muscle, the results of this study will be of interest. The injury may have come from a sporting activity or blunt t ...more
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